Java Engineer for Networking & Virtualization Project

13 октября

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Английский: eng: Intermediate

Purpose of the job:

Lohika company provides premium software engineering services to leading technology companies. Our customers usually range from startup to high growth and VC backed companies, which drives a culture of acceleration and innovation. We are sure that team extension is the only engagement model which works best.
The main goal of our customer is to accelerate an industry-wide transition toward networks with greater flexibility, agility, and automation, driven by a new generation of network control software. Its platform enables engineers and operators to visualize and search complex networks, debug configuration problems, verify network-wide policy implementations, and predict network behavior prior to deploying changes. You will be a part of the team who focus on a comprehensive distributed solution used to visualize/monitor/test and modify any existing networks (with various number of nodes) without (or with minimal) out-of-service window which is crucial for customers business needs. Our primary goal is quality rather than quantity. In this project you will have unique opportunity to work with ideologists and developers of Openflow technology. So are we, hoping it’s you! Jump at your chance!


  • Improve a product by adding support for cutting edge network technologies (SDN, AWS/Azure and more)
  • Introduce new features and improve existing ones
  • Identify and manage technical risks
  • Interact with customer and provide technical solutions
  • Follow best programming practices: continuous refactoring, comprehensive testing
  • Perform thorough Code Reviews
  • Develop a comprehensive test suite
  • Collaborate with Network Engineers on better ways to perform and debug integrations



  • 3+ years of software development experience
  • Commercial Java Development experience
  • Good knowledge of Linux
  • Basic networking knowledge: IP subnetting & routing, OSI model
  • BS in Computer Science or related degree required; MS preferred
  • Good knowledge of Core Java 8 Platform: streams, patterns, collections
  • Work experience with Git
  • Intermediate level of English
  • Result-oriented skills and a sense of responsibility
  • Precision and attention to details
  • Good oral/written communication skills


  • Work experience with Lombok
  • Work experience in the networking industry
  • Experience with serialization protocols
  • Experience with ANTLR, Derive4J, Gradle, Gerrit
  • Knowledge of SSH/Telnet protocols