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Skylum is a software development company based in Kyiv and Bellevue. It’s best known for its Aurora HDR and Luminar photo editing software. Skylum is also the developer of Snapheal, Focus, Tonality, Intensify, Noiseless, and FX Photo Studio.

In 2008, Skylum started off as an iPhone app development company. Over the first three years, the company released over 60 apps, but their biggest success came from their photography apps. The most popular apps — FX Photo Studio, Silent Film Director, and Perfect Photo — topped more than 20 million downloads. Early in 2011, the company launched FX Photo Studio Pro, its first photo software on the Mac App Store. A year later, Skylum received its first recognition from Apple when Snapheal was named one of the Best Apps on the App Store.

Since then, Skylum’s products have been consistently receiving awards, including Best of the Year awards by Apple for six straight years. In 2017, Luminar was awarded Best Imaging Software 2017 honors by TIPA, followed in October 2017 by Best Software Plugin in the Lucie Technical Awards. Aurora HDR was also selected as one of the Best Mac Apps of 2017 by Apple.

Skylum is growing, so we’re looking for new team members. You have the chance to be part of developing a product that will be the first serious competitor to Adobe.

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