Mergers Match

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Company: Mergers Match (China, Shanghai) is committed to use big data, artificial intelligence and self-developed Intelligent Graph (INTgraph) in order to create a secure, private, precise, simple and efficient intelligent matching ecosystem for participated companies, organizations and specialists in investment field.

Our Goal:
— Mergers Match specializes in recommending global business opportunities to Chinese investors, and in the meantime recommending the opportunities from China to worldwide investors.
Our Mission:
— Share Mergers Match values with all participants — Improve the accuracy of the intelligent match;
— Do everything we can do to the safeguard business secrets.

Mergers Match focuses on the data intelligence in investment field, and encourages using subversive thinking and multi-dimensional perspective to design and develop its future’s products.
Mergers Match advocates an equality principle in team building, and motivates each member to learn, to innovate and to manage.